Trusting your gut

Part of becoming an intuitive person is becoming in-tune with and trusting your natural power center.  Have you ever felt that feeling in the center of your core, a pang when you may be doing the wrong thing, or an energetic zing when what you are doing just feels right?

Over the last 30 years I’ve learnt to trust that ping when I’ve been designing spaces and now I am really paying attention to it when working with my Energy Medicine clients.  I have learnt to recognize this reliable knowing in my body when the choices I make for them feels right.  That zing that I feel is beyond logic or reasoning, yet it never seems to fail me when I trust in its assistance. That internal voice

Gut feelings earned their name from the place in the body where you feel them. In Energy Medicine this center is called the solar plexus, which is just above the navel area. This is where we are wired into our natural internal “gut instinct” system and it’s an amazing tool for guidance. 

As we grow up and are conditioned by our logical materialistic analytical thinking rational world we gradually begin to ignore and close off this amazing built in receiver that has the ability to tap into the soup of information we all reside in. 

Our fast-paced stress filled technocratic world bombards us daily, over whelming us, causing us to grip and hold in this area. Not only can this lead to a host of digestive problems but it can cause us to breathe shallower which can bring on stagnation for this energy center.  We are now unable to release, cleanse and pull in from this energetic vortex blocking off our vital connection that is the source of our empowerment.

When I first learnt how to Remote View we were taught a specific structure of noting down everything you think, feel, hear, smell and sense.  This mindfulness technique allows you to be more fully engaged in the present, less distracted by the outside world and more aware of your natural antenna system. 

If you are interested in learning more about how this scientifically proven protocol re-enlivens your power center check out our Remote Viewing course coming next spring 2019.

Love Becca