Why We All Should Be Remote Viewing

It’s learning about letting go, not worrying about if you are right or wrong, being an observer rather than the inquirer.  The less you stress the more accurate you get.  For those “A” types or “People pleasers” this can be a challenge. 

When we become the observer, we can see things without our distortions.  As we still our body we become a link between our consciousness and subconsciousness.

Describing details of colors, sounds, textures, shapes, pattern, positions, in other words just letting whatever words that describe your senses pop into your head drop onto the paper.

The conscious mind is slow and lumbering but the subconscious mind is light and fast.  The subconscious mind hits the conscious mind like water pouring through a funnel.  It tries to make sense of the information that comes in at lightning speed, by assigning it symbols, clues, memories, desires, fears, all from our own rolodex of experience. We determine outcomes before we know to protect and shield ourselves from the unknown.  Our human desire for perfection dooms us to imperfection. It’s our human nature to run from what we don’t know to escape being afraid.  We lean towards what is familiar.  Insight is only possible if we stop running away and persevere.  You only become brilliant by pushing through to find the discoveries. 

Every time you remote view you have the opening to know yourself better.  Every time you remote view you learn something about how your subconscious mind is communicating with your conscious mind?  If you keep this in mind you will realize that every time you remote view your sessions will be less about being right and more about learning.  You will learn to step away from the illusions that are all around us and see what is real.  You have to face the destruction of your illusions.  When you are truly remote viewing you have to set aside your judgement process.  When you look at the point that you allowed yourself to be led astray you will discover how your own mind is trying to communicate with you.  You discover that the first impression was accurate before you assigned your history to it.  The more you loosen your grip on your distortions and just describe the perceptions as they flow through you mind, without assigning meaning, the more accurate you will be. 

You are a wave and the target is, was and always will be part of the ocean.  Imagine you are a wave of the sea, moving up and down in the ocean, crying for water and afraid of dying.  You don’t realize you are the water, and that each time you dip down, you rise up again.  Sometimes we are seeking success when we are actually living in a sea of success.  We seek happiness when we are surrounded by happiness.  We are part of the whole ocean.  Remote viewing is like that wave, surrounded by the target. 

So, when you feel you blocked from the target – person, place or thing, it is partly because of your own belief system and all the self-doubt that we’ve taken on over are years.  The target doesn’t have to be separate from you when you realize that your subconscious mind is not limited by time and space.

It sounds very woo-woo to say that we are part of everything and everything that is, is part of us but if you accept this it makes the target more accessible. 

It’s about observing what is, accepting each moment for whatever that moment offers.  Allow yourself to experience the wonder again.  You will find you’ll begin to like yourself more and your ability to trust that inner instinct will grow.