Human Beings are Social Creatures


We all want to connect.  We want to share affection, enjoy connections that have similar interests, be close to people we want to share in our joys and struggles, offer companionship, and have meaningful connections.

I believe to have a great life we need great friends.

I love being around my family because they mean everything to me.  They are the heart and soul of meaning in my life and there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do for them.  They always come first. They are closest to my heart and I feel I can talk about anything with them. 

I also believe our families teach us our greatest lessons in life. 

Friendships need to be very special for me to give up my personal time with my husband and family.

We want to have fun, laugh and enjoy our lives.  We all want to be able to share a part of ourselves with someone who genuinely cares about us as we do of them. We want to share our interests, enthusiasms and passions with people who get as excited about them as we do.  We want to feel valued and needed. 

Friends help expand one another.  We want to share our knowledge and be able to learn what they know so we can be inspired by one another. We want to be that person that someone feels safe to confide in, who will takes care of our secrets, and protect our hearts as we would theirs.

Friendships require time, energy and investment.  We need to put special care into maintaining them. We also need to choose carefully because we become like our friends.

I want friends who would walk through fire for me, who are healthy, happy, positive and wanting to move forward with me in life.

What do your social connections mean to you?