Fun, Fit and Phenomenal! Why Summer is the BEST Time for Wellness

Every child deserves to be healthy and summer is the perfect season for recharging and cultivating wellness habits that will reap benefits later in your child’s life.

Busy school schedules don’t give our children a chance to focus on themselves and discover the benefits and fun of wholesome living. That makes summer-time the perfect time to have FUN sinking into specially designed playtime that will help your child’s brain grow! There’s no better time to introduce new concepts and solidify them into positive living habits than adding a good dose of fun into the experience.


When your kids feel good, you feel good. Wellness isn’t just about healthy eating, it is a state of being that incorporates both a strong body and mind. Unfortunately our school system isn't designed to teach our kids these fundamental habits that will set them up for success in the future. Cultivating confidence, incorporating empowering stress solutions, and developing healthy lifestyle options are an imperative part of learning for our children.

The best way to form positive healthy habits is to practice them. Daily physical activity and creative play while learning holistic lifestyle skills is a great way to do that. But how can we do that for our children when we have a busy life of our own? That is where we come in.

Finding that perfect summer program that incorporates fitness, nutrition, self-discovery, and self-care is a great way to immerse your child into health-giving living! A wellness-promoting summer program will also encourage habits that will further boost your child’s success when they go back to school.

The Core Potentials team are so excited to be hosting a “Fresh, Fit and Phenomenal” summer camp July 16th to the 20th in collaboration with Key Education at 5750 Oak St. in Vancouver.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our potent Eat, Move Think program to empower young girls to get more out of life. They will build confidence, enrich their creativity, find their values, feel their experiences, and build their strength, competence and pride within themselves.

Our fresh and fun engaging program offers creative ways to focus on these following 5 important areas in their lives:

Body (Health & Fitness) – We incorporate fun freestyle movement, yoga and directed dance sessions to help increase your child’s strength, coordination and agility. We will also show your kids how to eat healthy through cooking tasty holistic snacks and through crafting heir own gardening projects. 

Mind (Discovery and Creativity) – We like to encourage learning and self-development through fun imaginative ways that will drive your child’s curiosity to helps them become committed to being lifelong learners. We combine thought provoking movement exercises that will stimulate self-discovery journaling and special craft activities that help kids vision their goals and dreams.


Connection (Family & Friends) – We inspire children to be expressive through sharing their own story telling through self reflective writing exercises, imaginative movement and making gifts to help develop social and cognitive skills that will enhance a child’s social well-being.

Heart (Feelings and Experiences) – Living in a large metropolitan city can produce busy pressure-filled lives causing stress for our children. This faster paced lifestyle with all its demands to get ahead and be the best can take an emotional toll. It’s important for our kids to learn healthy ways to deal with the daily stresses that comes with modern city life. It’s an important life skill to learn to connect to our feelings and embrace joyful ways to help lessen and prevent anxiety in adulthood.

Honour (Values and Habits) – Introducing children to new ideas and character building concepts will open their minds to bigger possibilities. We invite them to think about helping others, discovering purpose and finding connection and love for others. 


We can’t wait to meet your beautiful daughters. Don’t let them miss out on the opportunity to feel phenomenal!  Make sure to sign up soon as this special camp we are offering is filling up fast. Our camp is called Fun, Fit and Phenomenal. Click the link below for more information and to sign up!


With Love, 

The Core Potentials Team