Thoughts are Vibrational Things

Emotions influence how we think, and our thoughts influence how we handle a situation.

Thoughts can make you happy
Thoughts can make you sad
Thoughts can make you see the world
Through the eyes of good or bad
Thoughts can make you sick
Thoughts can make you well
Thoughts can make you “feel” the world
Through the eyes of heaven or hell
If you believe the world is bad
Don’t be shocked if it suddenly is
You created the story
That makes it what it is
You’re in charge of how you think
So, choose how you want to feel
If you want to have a better life
Notice what you choose to heal
Look at what you say to yourself
And swap out what feels bad
Aim high and have more conviction
To create what makes you feel glad
Swap out what doesn’t serve you
See the world in a better way
Look for what makes you happy
And believe in this everyday
Are you focusing on gratitude?
Do you believe in loving things?
You’re in charge of what you think
So, don’t choose the ones that sting.
Believe this world is beautiful
See the proofs that do support this.
“Thoughts are vibrational Things”
The nice ones feel better – choose it!

~ Becca ~