What if You Could Attract Love?

“The Power of Intention – Where do you choose to stand in your life? As the Observer – living an Authentic life or as the Evaluator – living an Inauthentic life” – David Morehouse


I was asked to answer this question in one of my Explorer level Remote Viewing classes…….What have you done to live a life of promise, possibility and in Integrity?


I’ve spent a lot of my young life trying to conform to the accepted perception of what “others” view as normal.  It was a stifling path to follow as there was always someone who was important to me that had prickly contradictory attitudes and beliefs on exactly what that is. 

It wasn’t until I took Remote Viewing that I discovered that the problem wasn’t all these people’s opposing beliefs but rather myself trying to conform to being accepted that was causing most of my grief.  I had lost my sense of self because somewhere along the way I began to believe that how I saw the world was inferior and I would be abandoned by those important to me if they found out. 

Taking CRV was like having a baseball bat to the head.  I knew as a small child, that what appeared to be impossible was possible.  I experienced first-hand with my uncorrupted eyes and heart that we were much more than the physical.  I just had no support in this belief from those that were important to me.

Very quickly, by the minds of persistent parental and authoritative biases, I was convinced that how I saw the world was not excepted or valid and that I would be abandoned by all those that mattered to me if I didn’t conform to their version of the world. 

Even though I’d been brainwashed by their social norms of that time I continued to have this deep secret desire to find a way to prove that how I first saw the world might be real too.  This is what eventually drew me to the study of Remote Viewing.

The science of RV was very compelling and now I suddenly was faced with a scientific authority that superseded those that had convinced me differently. After experiencing CRV for the first time I KNEW that my first beliefs were VALID, and I really wasn’t prepared for this.

This sudden flip of my perceptual lens frightened me at first.  That unconscious inner child of mine became suddenly afraid of being abandoned again because this was the strong imprinted message I was given by the authorities that governed me as a child.  

I quickly realized their versions of reality I’d adopted had been for my survival rather than for my soul.

As a grown-up adult this old way of thinking I had taken on was not going to work for me anymore.  I was now a mother of 4, a wife, a business woman, and a sensitive human being who had been bullied into living in a “fake” reality of the world.  I was now thrusted into finding my way back to who I truly was, and it gave me the pathway back to living my life more authentically for the first time in a long time. 

So that smack with the CRV reality check bat drove me to start “thinking” myself out of the negative thought patterns that had been passed down through generations of my family conditioning and social norms. 

Since taking Remote viewing I am able to filter through and illuminate more of who I am as a person and that how I believe would have great value to this world.

I’m very clear now that our consciousness can travel through space and time and is something that can separate itself from our physical bodies. I get very excited and fascinated when I listen to the stories of Near-Death Experiences such as Eben Alexander, MD and Anita Moorjani, because they are very good at confirming that aspect of ourselves that is eternal and most definitely goes on.

I learned that our “thoughts” and “beliefs” form an invisible frequency that carry a magnetic vibrational signature. This radio type signal line can direct us towards or attract towards us by its very particular signature that which resonates similarly.  This made it very clear to me that how I “THINK” and “BELIEVE” has a direct influence on my life.  

I now purposefully work on thinking more optimistically so as to attract more positive outcomes in my future.  I know that the universal field of energy is consistent in giving me exactly what I seek and that it is continually guiding me towards this.  “Be careful of what you wish for because you might just get it” is not something to roll your eyes at.  Understanding this fundamental law of reality makes it easy to explain the statistically significant outcomes of practices such as prayer and meditation.

I feel more confident in my understanding of energy and how we all play our part in the field that makes up this reality. 

The science and structure of Remote viewing has given me a lot more self-esteem in being able to express myself confidently on the subject of paranormal abilities.  It shifted my focus out of the victim mindset where many of us have be brainwashed to be thinking we have very little control at what life throws at us, into knowing with confidence that we are much more powerful creators of our own reality than we realize. 

We create our own drama because it serves us in some way and I don’t want that unconscious, unaware, small, fearful, feeling unloved, feeling like I will be abandoned by those I believe are better than me, feeling not good enough, little child self, calling the shots in this.  

Remote Viewing taught me to start taking responsibility for my life and I now spend a great deal of time and conscious effort on developing my emotional intelligence to purposely raise my level of thinking into higher more positive emotional state so I can vibrate at a higher frequency.

One person who commits to this can affect 100’s of people around them to do the same.  The Dalai Lama can affect a whole stadium of people to resonate at the frequency of joy. His giggling, childlike enthusiasm is contagious.  He resonates at a very special frequency and it can change the world!

I’m all about attracting more LOVE in my life because it feels good and it’s a better way to live in this world.

Love Becca

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