How Remote Viewing has changed our lives...

We are so excited about our upcoming course Remote Viewing CRV , coming to Core Potentials at the end of March 2019. We asked some amazing people from the community to share their experience going through the program when it was last offered about 20 years ago. Their responses were fantastic! We couldn’t help but share them with you. This is what they have to say…

Marylin and Nancy, Master Level, Remote Viewing

Marylin and Nancy, Master Level, Remote Viewing

“In 2002, I took a course called Remote Viewing, which developed one’s ability to voyage into the unconscious mind, perfectly awake, eyes open, feeling, perceiving and learning how to transcend time and space.  This changed the way I viewed myself and the world.  I learned that I was omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.  What does that mean? 

Omnipotent:  Having virtually unlimited authority or influence.
Omnipresent:  Being present in all places at all times.
Omniscient:   Having infinite awareness, understanding and insight, possessed of universal or complete knowledge.

I personally experienced that I could be in one geographical location and at the same time view something that was occurring in another location, a thousand miles away.  It was awe-inspiring and convincing!”

Marilyn Buchanan
Senior Yoga Instructor
Richmond, B.C.

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“In 2003 I happened to be at a venue where David Morehouse was speaking about a course he was offering called Remote Viewing.  I had never heard of it. I was actually at the venue to listen to another speaker whose course I was planning to take.

By the time David finished I was hooked! I immediately bought the complete package to all his courses.

Why you might ask? I was obsessed with exploring & discovering how multi-dimensional human beings are. I had explored several modalities by the time I met David and was hungering for more advanced techniques. After listening to his talk I knew his course was what I was looking for and would show me, in no uncertain terms, how powerful we are.

Remote Viewing exceeded all my expectations! Through techniques taught in the course we were able to transcend time and space allowing us to explore events from the past, present and future. We were able to physically be in one geographical location while at the same time view something occurring in another location, in most cases many thousands of miles apart.

It was so exciting! It confirmed everything I suspected we were capable of doing and more! To this day I look at the world through a very different lens due to Remote Viewing. I would encourage everyone to take the course. We truly are omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient!” 

Nancy Duggan
Master Level
Remote Viewer
Vancouver, BC

“I trust my intuitive hits, without questioning myself, at all now, which really helps me with my Energy Medicine practice. Remote viewing taught me how to communicate with the energy field we are all part of.

The strict scientific guidelines taught me how to differentiate between a true intuitive hit verses my imagination. It’s a trainable tool to enhance your natural inborn perception sensitivity.

Just like in the science of Energy Medicine, where we are all sensory types, with Remote Viewing we all have our own unique way of sensing.

It was designed by Stanford Research Institute with the scientific hypothesis to prove “this does not work.” Scientist were tasked to verify this. By being put through the scientific rigorous rules that a skeptic would demand, they ended up proving that it does work!

I originally took this course because I needed the science. I was conditioned by this very belief myself by being raised by a very skeptical academic parent.  Having tapped into sensing naturally as a young child I felt compelled to find the science behind why I could do this thing that both my parents deemed crazy. This thing that seemed to contradict the beliefs of the laws of my religious private school philosophies and the laws of rational science. 

Becca Nielsen, Master Level, Remote Viewing

Becca Nielsen, Master Level, Remote Viewing

When you do it – this gets proven to you - and now I had to ask the question – “how is it possible you can see, hear, smell, taste, feel, and sense something somewhere else in space and time” without being there in your physicality? I seemed to be only using my consciousness, my invisible “unbounded” sensory system.

What does this say about who and what we truly are?

The only other people that come close to describing what this feels like are Near Death Experiencers”. Where time doesn’t exist, being everywhere all at once, and being connected energetically to something other than your physical self anywhere across space and time.

Mostly it has taught me a way to communicate with the energy field we all live in and bring service through it for others. I love to teach this understanding to people because it’s such an empowered way to live.”

Becca Nielsen 
Master Level
Remote Viewer
Richmond, BC

With love,