Meridian Dance: Rejuvenate and Flow

Thursday Night 6:30pm-8:00pm
Core Potentials Academy
March 21st - June 20th, 2019
(13 classes total) No class March 28th

We have 14 energy lines that run through our bodies that power our organs and body systems.  Come learn how to look after them for optimal health. Learn Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine, how to maintain your energy spacesuit, how and why its important to ground ourselves and stress, anxiety, and calming techniques. 

Becca has a fun way to teach you all this through dance movement.  She will end the class with choreography that relates to each meridian. We'll build on it weekly to include all 14 meridians until we have a 3-5 minute routine that you can take home and start every day with.  

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