Workshops and Classes Coming!

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Remote Viewing 101

Everything is energy and energy is everything.  Come learn the quantum perspective of the Universe by transcending space and time.  In this 5-day workshop you will learn the protocols and theory of Coordinate Remote Viewing and discover our basic connection to all things.     

Dates Decided! Will be coming March 28th-April 1st. 

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Nutrition for Kids!

Nothing is better than setting your kids on the right path. And what better way then teaching them healthy eating habits while they are still developing them! This is a super fun workshop for kids 10 and under where we get to learn why nutrition is so great for our bodies, play some games, and eat :)

If interested, check out our Wellness Camp with Key Education! July 16-20, 2018


Finding Your Purpose

What is my purpose? What makes me unique? How can I make a difference? This class will provide you with many tools to figure this out for yourself including exploring exactly what you want, why you want it, and how to get it for yourself. 


Weight Loss

There really isn't any "perfect" weight loss plan for everyone. Wouldn't that be amazing! However, there are many principles that do help people set off on the right direction - and thats what this master workshop will teach you. 


Dancer Series

Want to take your training to the next level? Come and learn techniques like proper athletic nutrition, choreography, pedagogy, cross-training, dance anatomy, and Pilates. We will explore both the art and science of becoming a phenomenal dancer.


Woman's Health 101: Hormones and You!

Do you ever wonder what exactly hormones do, which ones they are, and how they work in your body besides make you cry and crave chocolate every month? In this weekend workshop we will go into exactly what is happening in your body through the different phases of your monthly cycle, and how you eat, move, and think affects the way your cycle flows. 

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