Our Guest Teachers

Just a little about some of our exciting upcoming guest teachers. 

David Hughes Photo.png

David Hughes

David was born and raised in Edmonton, but moved to Japan at 17 where he finished his Master's Degree in Management Science at Tsukuba University and went to work at Sony Corporation in Tokyo. In 1998, he moved to New York and met Dr. David Morehouse, read his book Psychic Warrior and immediately began learning to Remote View. 

Hughes has worked with David Morehouse Productions as an assistant instructor since 2002 and has helped teach all levels of Remote Viewing including classes taught with Deepak Chopra and classes at the Omega Institute. He began helping Dr. Morehouse with curriculum development as well as ideas for his courses and books. He is one of the only people authorized by David Morehouse Productions to teach its Remote Viewing curriculum. 

David is now the CTO of the Recording Industry Association of America in Washington, DC. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife Michelle, their four children, one cat and a dog. 


Samantha Beenham

Samantha grew up with a passion for dance; that passion continued into adulthood, but after the birth of her daughter, coupled with some dance related injuries and a debilitating post-birth medical issue, she knew she needed to do more. 

That desire fueled a journey that would “Move” Samantha to combining her passion for dance with rehabilitating strength training and movement. Samantha’s passions and training align with the dream realizations that makeup the foundation of Core Potentials Academy; Revise your Diet, Reform your Body, Revamp your Mind.

Suhaila Level 1 & Jamila Level 1 - Salimpoiur School of Bellydance

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Carla Budd

Carla took her childhood passion for dance and received BFA in Dance Kinesiology in Calgary, performing throughout her schooling. She then saw a gaping whole with nutrition in dancers and upon her return to BC became a Registered Holisitic Nutritionist and now combines her passion in food and movement classes. She is also a nutrition educator with the non-profit group EarthBites. She is excited to witness the holistic health discoveries awaiting at Core Potentials!