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Remote Viewing Level I: Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV)

  • Core Potentials Academy 6251 Number 7 Road Richmond, BC, V6W 1E8 Canada (map)

For the first time in more than 15 years...

Remote Viewing Level I is coming to Vancouver!

When the Universe speaks you need to Listen.

The Universe is always speaking to you, it never stops. Remote Viewing is designed to teach you to understand what the universe has to say. It is a tool for transformation, a doorway to another world, a world within. You can learn to live life without the illusion of past or future. You can experience an existence of infinite promise and possibility. You can learn to live fearlessly. It is easy to believe that a life without limits is possible, but if you are ready to move from believing to knowing, then Remote Viewing is for you

Remote Viewing is defined by the US Defence Department as "the learned ability to transcend time and space, to view people, places and things remote in time and space, and to gather information on the same."

Utilizing a training structure based on the scientific protocols originally developed by the Stanford Research Institute and United States Military Intelligence Community, anyone can learn Remote Viewing

Benefits of learning Remote Viewing include: 

  • Heightened Intuition

  • Increased Creativity

  • Improved Self-Awareness

  • Expanded Consciousness

  • Accelerated Spiritual Growth

The courses utilize the teaching structure and materials developed by former CIA Remote Viewer and best-selling author Dr. David Morehouse, Ph.D and will be taught by Explorer Level Remote Viewer David Hughes who is one of the few individuals endorsed by David Morehouse Productions to instruct this course. To learn more about David Hughes, click here

Guest small-group trainers all have their Explorer Level Remote Viewer certifications and include Marilyn Buchanan, Nancy Dugan, Michelle Hughes, and Becca Nielsen. 

The complete 40-hour course will be presented in an intensive weekend starting March 28th and ending April 1st. Here is the full schedule:

March 28th - Thursday: 5pm-9:30pm
March 29th - Friday: 9am-6:30pm
March 30th - Saturday: 9am-6:30pm
March 31st - Sunday: 9am-6:30pm
April 1st - Monday: 9am-4:00pm

Phase I - Basic Coordinate Remote Viewing (20 hours of training) $800 Value

Phase I is information-based and introduces students to the basic protocols of Stages I, II & III of Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV). Based on a strictly defined scientific protocol, students learn to enter an altered state of consciousness, perceive textures, sounds, colours, tastes, smells, temperatures, "energetics" and "dimensionals" from across a chasm of time and space. With new and developing "non-physical eyes" the student "perceives" the target and sketches visual "snapshots" of distant and fleeting images. 

Phase I is an entry level training program and there are no prerequisites.

Phase II - Intermediate Coordinate Remote Viewing (20 hours of training) $800 Value

Phase II completes CRV training and serves to open a new door into the CRV student's soul. The CRV structure is expanded to include the sensory perceptions of aesthetics, "emotionals," "tangibles," and "intangibles." Sketches become detailed perspective drawings, and students often feel they have actually "bi-located" to the target site. 

Successful completion of Phase I is a pre-requisite for Phase II.

To ensure your space advanced registration is recommended!

We are combining the Phase I & II programs to make a one-time 40-hour course - which together is valued at $1600 CAD - allowing us to make it available for the investment price of only $1050 CAD!

Look above to see what amazing values you will get for that price!

This course is of high demand and space is limited. Therefore, we can only reserve spots for people who have paid the $250 non-refundable deposit. Payment plans are available! To find out more please email Britte at

To sign-up, click the link below!