Holistic Nutrition Appointment Structure

All Holistic Nutrition appointments can be done In-Person at the client's home, at Core Potentials, or via Skype.

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20-Minute FREE Consultation

An opportunity for you to ask questions pertaining to your individual situation and for us to present the structure that we use, combined with an exploratory discussion to ensure that our practitioner/client relationship will be a good match. An intake form and food log will be emailed following this appointment if you choose to proceed with an Assessment Session.

20-minutes, free

1st Appointment

During this session we will go through a full assessment of your background and nutrition goals including a detailed health history, current symptoms & issues, dietary restrictions, lifestyle factors, main health concerns, and health goals. Clients will need to complete an intake form and one-week food log in advance of this appointment. The appointment will include a review of the information on the intake form and food log, as well as a detailed assessment of all dietary/symptom connections and priorities. Written recommendations are not included at this appointment - they will be provided as part of the 2nd Appointment.

120-minutes, $150

2nd Appointment

This appointment is generally booked 1-2 weeks following the 1st appointment. 

Between the 1st and 2nd appointment, we will create a written recommendation package for the client to keep that will cover dietary, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations. This will include detailed instructions on how to implement the recommendations and recipes, articles, or any other documents that may be helpful. We will spend the session reviewing this package together and clarifying the reasoning behind the recommendations. By the end of this appointment, the client should feel fully equipped to implement the changes recommended, but does have email access if needed for any follow-up questions between this appointment and the next Follow-Up.

120-minutes, $250

3rd Appointment

This appointment is generally booked 3-6 weeks following the Recommendations appointment. 

This appointment acts like a check-in. It is easy to start off strong with your dietary goals then as life gets in the way some of the goals can fall to the waste-side. During this appointment we will review the progress with the new dietary changes, troubleshoot challenges that have presented themselves, and make adjustments and adaptations where necessary. We will then look at the next steps in the process and set new goals.

60-minutes, $100

On-Going Appointments

These appointments are up to the discretion of the client. Ongoing support may include: in-person/phone/email consultation, adjustments in the areas of food, drink, supplementation, and lifestyle, snack and meal ideas, meal plans, recipes, test reviews, guided shopping trips, printed resource booklets/articles, etc.

60-minutes, $100
30-minutes, $50
15-minutes, $25

Nutrition Super Package!

Feel like you want to jump in? The Nutrition Super Package includes the free 20-minute consultation, the 1st assessment appointment, 2nd recommendations appointment, and 3rd follow-up appointment. We will design you a personalized wellness program, adjust as we go, and end up with the perfect program that meets your needs and lifestyle. You will not only get 10% off the appointments, but will also get full support throughout the whole processes. We have seen this structure as the most effective, and recommend this package to anyone who really wants lasting change.

multiple appointments, $450
(if booked separately, $500)

What does the community have to say about our Nutrition Super Package Program?

This was by far the most effective and life changing wellness program I’ve ever done. I was preparing for my wedding and Britte helped me not only achieve (and surpass!) my weight goals but she taught me how to live a healthier and happier life. I wasn’t aware of how much help I needed and I thought I could just do it on my own. But I realized how wrong I was when I went in for my consultation. I realized how the right guidance and knowledge are key factors to making a lasting change in someone’s life. The most challenging thing for me was to find someone who truly understood my fears and insecurities without judgement or reprimand. And Britte was that someone who helped me monumentally. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take control of their weight, mind, and life!
— Nevena Cantoral, Surrey BC