No Grain, No Pain: Gluten-Free Master Class

No Grain, No Pain: Gluten-Free Master Class


Sunday, March 18, 2018
11:00 AM-3:00 PM

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Gluten sensitivity has become more common in the last couple of decades. However, not many people actually know what gluten sensitivity is, where is comes from, and how it differs from being Celiac - an autoimmune disease. This is a great class for teachers, parents, gluten-sensitives, and celiacs. This is our Master Class, for people interested on getting a download of information that will get you fully prepared to living gluten-free. Why are we becoming more and more sensitive to gluten? How does gluten-sensitivity relate to intestinal health, stress, ADHD, skin conditions, and other allergies? We will dive deep into the pathophysiologies of why gluten sensitivity is becoming a larger problem, and teach you great ways to live gluten-free easily. We will also cover common products contain gluten and where are some safe shops and bakeries in the Vancouver area that offer gluten-free products.

This class also comes with a take home starter-kit, filled with great information including a "swap out" guide to allergy-friendly cooking.