Our Team

Britte and Becca are driven by their passion in healthy living. Although they arrived here from different journeys, their bond as mother and daughter has kept them close. They both believe education is key to helping people achieve greatness in their lives. Find out more about each of them below!


Britte Nielsen

Britte grew up as a competitive dancer at the Richmond Academy of Dance. During her training, she found it fascinating how small the dance therapy world is in Vancouver. This set her off on a mission to help create a support system for dancers in the Vancouver area.

She went down to California to do an undergraduate degree in Dance Science, meanwhile working with some amazing people like Karen Clippinger (MSPE), John Seigal (ATC), Marie Jose Blom (CPT), Kendel Pink (CPT), and Alicia Head (CPT, Gyrotonic certified). This gave her a strong background in many therapy modalities from some of the top trainers in the Dance Medicine field. 

Following graduation, Britte finished a business program at Stanford University then headed back to Vancouver to start up Core Potentials. Noticing a missing link between the movement/rehabilitation world and the nutrition world, Britte decided to finish her designation in holistic nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and started training to become an Osteopathic practitioner with the Canadian School of Osteopathy.

Britte has been teaching now for more than ten years – ages ranging from 2-years-old to grandparents, and her gift is being able to take complex concepts and make them simple enough for everyone to understand. Britte is very excited about how the Core Potential’s platform has grown into such a simple tool that can help so many lives. She is unbelievably fascinated with human potential and wants to help as many people reach whichever goals they are striving for.  Here are a few of Britte's certifications:

Professional Division Graduate, Richmond Academy of Dance

Bachelor of Arts in Dance Science, California State University Long Beach

Leadership Academy Graduate, California State University Long Beach

Certified Pilates Teacher, Long Beach Dance Conditioning

SmartCore Professional Training, SomaSom with Marie Jose Blom

Fascia Works, SomaSom with Marie Jose Blom

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Eating Clean Cooking Class Series, Rooted Nutrition

4th Year Osteopathic Student, Canadian School of Osteopathy

Becca Nielsen

Becca has been interested in complementary healing modalities ever since she was a child. Born with a heightened sensitivity to subtle energies, she has spent a lifetime exploring how they affect our daily lives. Her upbringing challenged her unique observations of the world and pushed her to research and study many different forms of energy healing modalities ~ Yoga, Meditation, Healing Touch, Remote Viewing, Herbs and Healing, Reconnective Energy Healing, Holistic Nutrition and Eden Energy Medicine.

Becca has extensively studied and worked with the international best selling author and world leading teacher of remote viewing and spiritual transformations, David Morehouse, Ph.D. She has travelled to Peru as part of a group of his fellow internationally trained remote viewers to explore the many mysteries of the Andes with authors Jorge Luis Delgado, Andean Healer and Shaman, and MaryAnne Male, Ph.D.  She has contributed content for David Morehouse's online classes, is a trainer for his satellite programs and continues to be called upon as part of an international team of viewers for law enforcement and health science cases.

She has studied with Dr. Eric Pearl, author of “The Reconnection, Heal Others and Heal Yourself”, is trained in Healing Touch and studied with Donna Eden author of “Energy Medicine” and is now an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP). She integrates her extensive years of energy knowledge into her client practice and our on going workshops.

After many years training to Belly dance she has obtained certifications in both Jamila and Suhaila formats through the Salimpour School of Bellydance. She currently performs with Nixes Blush and Aurora Belly Dance Company and has found a unique way to teach Energy Medicine through her love of movement.

Being a long time Registered Interior Designer she has spent 30 years discerning client’s interior spaces and has a vast understanding of the human desire to live from an "inner place" that expresses who they truly are. Her overall unique background digs deep into the universal core wisdoms that taps into, nurtures and enhances your potential. Here are a few of Rebecca’s certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Design in Interior Design, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Eating Clean Cooking Class Series, Rooted Nutrition

Remote Viewing Technologies International, Levels 1-5

Herbs and Healing, Alive Academy of Natural Health

Healing Touch, Colorado Center for Healing Touch Inc., Level 1

Reconnective Healing, The Reconnection, LLC - Level 1-2

Belly dance - Salimpoiur School of Bellydance, Suhaila Level 1 & Jamila Level 1

Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, Eden Energy Medicine Currently attending 3rd year Clinical Practicum Program