Core Premise

Any optimal living program needs to incorporate three main topics:

  • Eating a wholesome diet

  • Moving the body optimally

  • Fuelling our powerful mind

A health-full body, diet, and mindset is the foundation of a fulfilled life.

Both Western and Eastern medicine have blindspots and brilliances, and a combination of the two practices is the recipe for optimal results.

Compassion, results, choice, and play are the tenets of a wholesome practice.

No matter where you start, anyone could optimize their life through self-improvement.

Want to dive deeper? 

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The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
— Marcus Aurelius


Core Mission

Our goal is to live long, happy, health-full lives and to help others do the same. We believe reaching an optimal quality-of-life requires a strong foundation including a healthy physical body, delicious whole foods diet, and strong mindset. These three components are the foundation of an optimal life. Core Potentials is a platform to help people do just that. We combine the wisdom from both Western and Eastern medicine to help as many people get out of chronic pain and instead operate at their mental and physical optimum, so they can have the life they dream to have. 


 Food is our fuel. It energizes our minds, rebalances our bodies, and ultimately feeds our endless possibilities. 


Movement is the first step to any lasting change. Connecting through exercise helps us understand we were born to move.


Our thoughts can be our greatest assets or biggest obstacles. Its time to choose your thoughts and create a stronger mind.