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 Core Potentials Academy is an integrative wellness centre combining eastern and western therapies to help you live a life you love.

Our philosophy is simple:
Eat for wellness, Move for wellness, and Think for wellness.



for wellness

Food is both habitual and ordinary, but also tantalizing to experience. It is more than just what we eat. Food is the foundation to every important area of our lives. Not only does food fuel our health and wellness, but also our social lives, careers, emotions, relationships and much more. It is our fuel. It energizes our minds, rebalances our bodies, and ultimately feeds our endless possibilities.



for wellness

It is easy for us to take our ability to move for granted. Movement is our freedom. Having a strong body allows us to do things that we would otherwise not be able to. Whether your goal is to climb a mountain or play with your kids, connecting through exercise helps us understand we were born to move.



for wellness

Only recently has science began catching up to the wisdom that eastern medicine has known for centuries. The power of our minds and internal energy is mind-blowing. Through physics, psychology, brain mapping, meditation, energy medicine, and more, we are beginning to realize how harnessing the power of our subtle energies can drastically improve our lives and the lives of everyone around us.

services include:
Energy Medicine // Remote Viewing 



Upcoming Workshops!


Remote Viewing

Oct 16-20, 2019

Everything is energy and energy is everything. The Universe is always speaking to you, and in this course you will learn just how to listen. Come learn the quantum perspective of the Universe by transcending space and time. In this 5-day workshop you will learn the protocols and theory of Coordinate Remote Viewing and discover our basic connection to all things.


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