2 Ways To Conquer Our Mental Blocks

Every day that I practice this huge body of work I have begun to realize how much our "body talks". It holds secrets we long to discover about ourselves that lock the stories of our lives into patterns. Some of these unconscious habits hold us back from our full potential.
I am continually blown away by what we are truly capable of!

I am so grateful that I studied the art and science of Remote Viewing first as it gave me the scientific understanding of why everything we do, think, and feel imprints itself into magnetic fields that make up everything in existence. I needed the science because I was told that this is what was most respected and believed. The authority of this belief held a great deal of power over how I viewed the world.
Remote viewing was the 1st way that really helped me to break down this first difficult mental block I had, which was believing the world operated in certain way.  Once I really understood that the way I had been taught growing up, was an old paradigm of beliefs I was able to open my mind up to the possibility that some other way might actually be the truth.
Remote viewing is a scientific protocol developed by Stanford Research Institute whose original hypothesis was to set out to disprove it. By doing so it did the opposite! Just following this scientific protocol step by step gave me the experience that changed my mind forever more on how the world really works. 
It gave me a much greater understanding of what energy is and why ancient Eastern healing traditions have been so successful at getting to the roots of our ill health
It taught me how to form a language with this matrix of energetic wisdom, so I could embrace what most of us believe is magical and woo woo and really tap into the ability to remove the blocks that are holding us back. 
It's gave me a way to open up to and trust that sixth sense that was conditioned out of us by our 5 sensory world.
Energy Medicine is the 2nd way that has taken that sixth sense of mine that I once believed was a curse and turned it into such an amazing gift!
With my new foundational understandings I am not only able to discover where our blocks are but how we can change them. 
Energy forms patterns. Habits are just patterns that are familiar. We love what is familiar even if it's not good for us. Since we don't all "see" energy we are usually unaware of the energetic habits we've formed. It's an invisible web of feelings, thoughts, emotions and beliefs that tangle themselves up and can eventually lead to physical discord in our bodies and minds. 
Energy Medicine gives us the tools to form new habits that allow us to expand, grow and thrive. 
I love this work!

Do you know anyone who is interested in taking the first step of understanding who and what we truly are? If so tell them to sign up for our Remote Viewing Course coming at the end of March 2019! 
It will change your life!