Different Modes of Sensing - Part 1

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Claircognizance is a form of intuition that is recognized as getting a sudden hit of “clear knowing” or awareness about a person, place or thing that appears out of nowhere.  Information just appears in their mind.

A sudden stroke of insight! 

People who sense more as a claircognizant can get unanticipated informational downloads that are accompanied with a strong knowing sense that it is true ... despite the lack of any logical or physical evidence to point to. 

People who are claircognizant tend to be very sharp mentally, good at understanding complex or abstract concepts and they are usually quite analytical.  As children, they seem to know too much and have an answer for everything. They are typically called the ‘know-it-alls’ growing up. 

They may know personal information about someone they just met or can finish another person’s sentence.  They know if someone is lying, and they get premonitions or just know of specific events, situations or people.  They are seekers who want to understand the universe and can receive answers to questions that they ask internally within their minds. 

Getting a sudden “epiphany” or an “inspirational idea” might very well be your own claircognizance at work! 

Some people believe this information is given to us by angels, spirit guides, or high-level communications with other forces of the universe.   Eastern healing traditions might say it is the qi/chi or prana, the energetic life force of all living things, that is infused with all knowable information and claircognizance is just the ability to tap into it with our minds.  Science models hypothesize that it may happen through an exchange between our subtle energy carriers, in the form of light particles called biophotons and bio-electrons, that communicate with our fluid systems and cellular biology.  Our brains and nervous systems act as our biological hard drive that can create and receive electromagnetic interactions that are capable of transferring all types of extra sensory information.

Whether the data lies outside us or there is a highly intelligent collaboration going on between our biological functions and the universal field it’s an intelligent design of ourselves to help us thrive, survive and navigate our world we live in. 

Claircognizance is just another one of our many natural inborn sensory antennas.


From an Energy Medicine perspective, it is believed that these informational energy downloads, that enter directly into someone’s mind, come from a main access point, located on the top of the head, called the Crown Chakra.  This energetic vortex funnels information in and out of our energy systems and spiritual information and knowledge can directly come into us through this entrance. In order to receive intuitive information in this way, the Crown Chakra must remain open.  The Crown Chakra can also be a means of access to the Akashic Records that contain metaphysical knowledge. These records are said to contain every bit of information from the entire human experience. The Akashic Records encompass all history of the universe, including each soul’s karmic history.

Anyone interested in developing claircognizance or any other psychic ability should be meditating on a daily basis.  Meditation calms the mind and prepares you for inspiration and guidance. Meditation focuses your efforts to remove the day-to-day distractions that everyone encounters. You may want to use meditations that specifically open up your crown chakra.  Some people will visualize a vortex that is expansive, starting 2 feet above them, funneling down into the tops of their heads.

Using a pendulum is also another great way to track your intuitive abilities.  After asking a question you could practice by taking note of the first answer that jumps into your mind before the pendulum gives its “yes” or “no”. You can then see how many times you are right more often than not.


Another method of connecting with your skill is to practice automatic writing. This is best done with pen and paper, when you are sitting quietly in a relaxed state. Begin writing “I’m expecting a message, I’m expecting a message, I’m expecting a message…” Keep repeating those words until a new thought arrives, write it down and then the next thought and the next. Let your hand move of its own accord. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry about it. It usually takes several practice sessions before you get into the zone of consciousness that enables automatic writing to happen.

Our body talks and are very energetically sensitive to the fields of information that surrounds and infuses us at all times.  It’s vital to pay attention and listen to what your body is asking for in order for you to go to the next level. Pay attention to any little coincidences that you might be overlooking as these could be signs of early claircognizant behaviour that you haven’t picked up on it yet.  Often your claircognizance is already operating and waiting to be recognized as guidance. 

Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments. More on sensing to come!

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