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Before You Choose What Clothes to Wear this Morning, Read This.

I have been watching a bit of Queer Eye lately. I find it quite inspiring how the “Fab 5” take people who haven’t really thought about taking care of themselves before and inspire them to be better. They explain in the show that the way we choose to present ourselves in the real world (whether by chance or intentional) is a direct expression of how we are feeling on the inside. They also explain that we are all worthy of feeling good about ourselves and therefore should look good too.

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Fun, Fit and Phenomenal! Why Summer is the BEST Time for Wellness

Core Potentials Academy is teaming up with Key Education and creating a innovative, influential, and FUN wellness camp for women between the ages of 6-15! We are so excited because we know the substantial value that teaching wellness has on young minds, and we cannot wait to show you. In this blog find out what we think are the 5 strongest categories of wellness, and why summer-time is the best time to cultivate these habits for your child so they can reap all the benefits later in life.

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