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Feel like you are coming down with a cold? This tea was made to finish that cold once and for all! I always drink a big pot of this when I am coming down with something and it not only makes me feel better, but it makes the duration of my cold much shorter. Sometimes it only takes one day before I am back full-force. Enjoy!

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Thanksgiving is coming soon....

The weather begins to cool off in autumn, so its a good idea to eat less cooling foods like salads and raw foods at this time of year. To support the digestive system, soups and stews are eaten as their long cooking times are warming and the foods are easier to digest. Longer cooking times and heartier ingredients are used in autumn to help nourish the body and support the immune system throughout the winter months. Ingredients are used in autumn to help nourish the body and support the immune system throughout the winter months.

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Happy Gut

We are so excited about all the Red Cabbage in our garden!

It’s time to start some “Fermentation” for this fall/winters homemade stock of beneficial bacteria. Eating raw fermented red cabbage is a homemade staple in our home.  It's packed full of healthy probiotics and fibre that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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Fun, Fit and Phenomenal! Why Summer is the BEST Time for Wellness

Core Potentials Academy is teaming up with Key Education and creating a innovative, influential, and FUN wellness camp for women between the ages of 6-15! We are so excited because we know the substantial value that teaching wellness has on young minds, and we cannot wait to show you. In this blog find out what we think are the 5 strongest categories of wellness, and why summer-time is the best time to cultivate these habits for your child so they can reap all the benefits later in life.

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Easter Monday's "Left Over" Lamb Pie

It was a wonderful weekend at the cabin and then back home last night with everyone for dinner.   

Today we have a couple of stock-pots of turkey broth simmering on the stove.  We had a large turkey last night and we have been simmering the bones with chopped up onion and saved frozen veggie trimmings that we store in our deep freeze.  We are always feeding a large crew of family and we can accumulate quite a few in a month’s time.

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8 Tips to EAT, MOVE & THINK Your Health Back on the Right Path

As Holistic Nutritionists, we see each person as unique.  What’s good for one person may not be good for another.  Healthy eating is really a lifestyle, not some end-goal accomplishment.  A healthy diet can be omnivorous, vegetarian or even vegan.  With that said here are some tips we like to recommend for creating a healthy diet that are good for most people and what we like to teach in our classes and workshops.

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