Different Modes of Sensing - Part 2

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Clear seeing – comes from the French word “clair” meaning clear and “voyance” meaning vision.  It’s the most well-known of the “sensing” abilities and it refers to the ability to gain visual telepathic information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known biological human senses. 

“Visions” are typically seen in your mind’s eye, but you don’t even have to close your eyes to have this type of “seeing.” It is a subtle perception that allows us to see colours, images, visions, dreams and energy that can be used to help us make sense of our environment, literally or symbolically.

Being trained as an Interior Designer, a Remote Viewer and now an Energy Medicine Practitioner I’ve come to realize that clairvoyance has always been one of my stronger modes of sensing.  Long before I understood this type of intuiting, I had the ability to “see” things that others may not. As a child I was accused of having a vivid imagination. I loved to play make believe with my childhood friends and could get lost in hours of imaginary play. I’ve always dreamed in vivid colours and daydreaming about fantasy worlds was a great way to entertain myself when I found myself alone.   

Energy leaves its imprint in spaces and I could pick up and sometimes even see people that may have been in a space before me.  I have always been able to see floating orbs or coloured “blobs” in the air, glowing colours and lights around people (their aura), shadows that seem like they are floating in the air, glittering or flashing lights in the air and movement or twinkling lights out of the corner of my eyes.  

Interior Designing was easy for me.  I was able to solve spatial puzzles and envision things in my head, seeing the end result even before the start of a project.  Clairvoyants really appreciate beauty and I’ve always adored fine art, photography, dance or anything that exudes visual creativity.  I have a great sense of direction and found traveling to foreign places easy because I can remember where I’ve been and where I am going like a map because I retain visual landmarks fresh in my mind.

When I learned to Remote View, I would get information about a person, place or thing like I was watching a movie clip.  Sometimes it would come as a sudden snap shot flash, like a photograph, of a scene, colour, number or symbol in my mental screen.   

As an Energy Medicine practitioner, it has been an invaluable gift.  When working with clients. I have been able to glean information when I “sense” energies are blocked or out of balance or when someone has a life-threatening illness.  I might see a change in their overall colour, or get pictures of their life when I work with their meridians or chakras.

To become more clairvoyant, it is just like learning any other skill… practice and patience is what is needed.  Meditating always enhances any of the “clairs. It clears your mind, raises your vibration, (which is how we can detect subtle energy), and gets you out of your logical mind.  If you set your intention to be Clairvoyant, it will improve your ability to “see”.    


Close your eyes and focus your attention between your eyebrows.  Visualize opening your 3rd eye, also known as the 6th chakra in Eastern tradition that is located in the midbrain behind the center of the forehead.   What do you see? It’s impossible to see nothing. You might have a reflection outline of something you just looked at.  Open your eyes and stare at a red square on a white page and then close your eyes and look at your mental screen. Typically, you will receive a flash of the same shape of the square but in its colour wheel opposite, being green. 

Another great way to become more Clairvoyant is to practice visualization. Like any skill, it’s a muscle that needs to be worked so spend a few minutes each day visualizing different images, pictures and scenes in your minds eye.  Imagine you are dancing with your favourite movie star or walking through a famous castle. Think of a flower or a number and hold it in your mind for 10 seconds or more before you think of another one.  

Keep a dream journal.  Before you go to sleep, put a pen, pad, and paper on your nightstand next to your bed.  When we sleep, our logical minds rest and our subconscious mind might notice patterns and symbols that are meaningful to you. Set an intention to receive intuitive guidance through your dreams.

Playing memory games is an excellent way to begin to see things.  Try placing 10 things on a tray on a table and recall in detail what you remember about them after they have been removed.  You could also put 3 face down cards down on a desk and guess what they are.  

When you receive images, you are not in control.  You are not trying to perceive something or create and image in your mind.  It just appears in your mind’s eye without trying.

We all have the ability to develop Clairvoyance. The most important step: BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU ARE SENSING. If you just think this is your imagination and do not trust, you will lose your opportunity to enhance this amazing ability in you.

Love Becca.

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