Grab and Go Breakfast


My daughter Coley has been cooking for our household lately. She has been experimenting with pre-making chia puddings that we can grab for breakfast in the morning.  They are satiating and a perfect food to eat when you don't have a lot of time to make breakfast. 

My morning self care regime usually includes energy exercises, some meditation and doing something to expand myself in some way.  All of it is important “me” time and eating a good healthy breakfast needs to be part of this holistic morning routine of mine. I find that if there is not enough time to do it all I’ll choose to skip the meal simply because I don’t feel I have the time to prepare something good for me. 

It can be tough to fit it all in so I am continually looking for ways to make breakfast something that is already made to help meet my morning health and wellness goals.

Chia seeds are full of good fats, which help to sustain you longer before you need to eat helping me get through my busy morning to do list.  I pull out different delicious toppings, nuts, seeds, and berries to make it a complete morning meal. 

This last try at making them was delicious!

Chia Puddings

Makes 6 servings


1 300g bag of frozen dark sweet cherries

¼ cup 100% maple syrup (or to likeable taste)

2 tbsp lemon juice (or to likeable taste)

¼ tsp lemon zest

3 cups cashew milk

2/3 cups chia seeds



Put tart cherries into a pan on the stove.   Heat them up while adding maple syrup, lemon juice and lemon zest = simmer for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile mix together 2/3 cup of chia seeds with 3 cups of cashew milk mix together with fork to avoid clumping.  Let sit for minimum 15 minutes so it can gel. 

After simmering the cherries the chia pudding should of set enough – put simmering cherries to a blender and blend on low just to puree the cherries a little bit – you still want it a bit chunky though.

Divide the cherries mixture into the bottom of your 6 parfait or glass cups equally.   Next put the set chia pudding mixture on top equally into each glass.  Place in the fridge to set over night.

Recipe created by Coley Nielsen

Love Becca