Why I Decided to Learn Remote Viewing

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.
— Albert Einstein

Why I decided to learn Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing is the learned ability to use two inherent kinesthetic human abilities to detect and decode four-dimensional waveform data into coherent three-dimensional thought form, and to further objectify this data into two-dimensional medium - Dr. David Morehouse

My father insisted that I critically think through the lens of his empirical grounding even though I had experiences that did not fit in his box of understanding.  This was the beginning of my life’s lessons into the studies of energy and my searching for the proofs that explained the unexplainable.  What I eventually came to know is “energy is everything and everything is energy.”  But what is energy?

Energy can leave an imprint, signature, like a footprint in the sand. An event can record itself like a video into a space with a time stamp.

As a small child I would sometimes grasp a glimpse of this when I least expected it.  As a young 3-year-old it was difficult to explain, and my father was less than supportive of what he believed was a little girls over active imagination.  But as I grew up these fleeting moments of seeing the unexplainable kept happening and I knew there was much more to reality than even my father understood. I thank my father for being a persistent sceptic because it has pushed me to explore the ever-growing revered sciences that begin to unravel the mystery of how powerful our thoughts and minds really are.

Every molecule that makes up our physicality is a whirling bundle of sub-atomic particles that consist of electrons, protons and neutrons. 

When examined closely we discover this is completely empty invisible space yet at the quantum level of understanding the mechanics of these magnetic bonds generate little vortexes of spinning energy that either exist in a non- physical wave form or as physical particles of matter. After many decades of well-known experimentations, it has been determined that we as observers appear to have a direct effect on which state it will appear in. https://bit.ly/1zPkJJd

Machu Picchu, Peru (2005) with my Remote Viewing crew including Dr. David Morehouse, David Hughes, Marilyn Buchanan, Nancy Dugan, Myself and a few of our friends. 

Machu Picchu, Peru (2005) with my Remote Viewing crew including Dr. David Morehouse, David Hughes, Marilyn Buchanan, Nancy Dugan, Myself and a few of our friends. 

This begs the question, if we can affect the state of our physical world just by observing and measuring it then what is the real truth about reality?

I discovered my Remote Viewing teacher during a large convention centre event called “Ignite the Spirit” in 2001.  Many guru style authors, teachers and motivators got up on stage in front of thousands to promote their books and courses and persuade us to see the world in a different way.  Dr. David Morehouse, after his many years of being involved in the CIA’s Stargate program, was just another remarkable speaker telling his story amongst the many.  Read his amazing book called the "Psychic Warrior" - https://amzn.to/2LUTSq1

He put up a chart using the Dirac equation - This equation was discovered in the late 1920s by physicist Paul Dirac and it remains highly influential to this day.  This equation brought together two of the most important ideas in science: quantum mechanics, which describes the behaviour of tiny objects; and Einstein's special theory of relativity, which describes the behaviour of fast-moving objects. As a result, Dirac's equation describes how particles like electrons behave when they travel close to the speed of light. 

Morehouse used Dirac’s Delta function model concept to define space time reality and showed how the moment of “now” where the point at which the past meets the future and the future meets the past is the only observable moment that you can have a direct effect upon.  https://bit.ly/2LSvBkh

If you follow time through the model, you look to the right of the model and say I am now in the future. In the future, I exist in waveform as pure illusion, and I am surrounded by quanta subatomic particles that exist in a delicate balance between energy and matter. I am in the realm of the un-manifested. All possibility exists in the field of quanta as energy until I think of it, which is called observation. Once observed this energy collapses into an incident in space-time, now manifesting itself as a particle, an idea, an object, an event, a person, a thought, and so on.
— Dr. David Morehouse

When you look to the left of the model you now see that you are in the past which follows the same principles.  It no longer exists as a thing but has become an informed energetic signature in the wake of wave form data that has been encoded into the infinite field of quanta. 

Suddenly I was given hope that this covert military operations protocol might have some of the scientific answers to explain the paranormal part of my life that had up to this point been dismissed, scorned and ridiculed. The more I studied the quantum perspective of the universe in which we exist, the more I began to understand the nature of reality and how much we contribute into creating it. 

This brought about the profound realization that focusing in the now on our past can create energetic filters of perception that can pre-set our future. It’s how we view life that takes us into the trajectory of what’s upcoming.       

The paradox is simple that beliefs are in one-way thieves of freedom, an anxiety to effect reality that only furthers to distort it.
— Dr. David Morehouse

After my 5-year journey of studies with Remote Viewing Technologies and 10 more years involved with the International Remote Viewing community I now operate from a completely new understanding of who and what we truly are. I now have a much better understanding of our abilities and our connection to others and ourselves, which has helped guide my life’s purpose in this existence.

Many have asked me “how do you use Remote Viewing now that you’ve learned it.”  My answer is that I continue to use its structure to keep up my personal optimal health, its guided me to find health cures, it’s helped me find missing persons, objects and treasures, it’s guided me on my career/life path, its helped me obtain truths about politics, religion, science and business and it continues to guide me in solving the daily choices that arise in my life.  It’s a method or tool that can be used to peel away our analytical minds that is filled with a rolodex of experience, so we can obtain clear reliable guidance to better forge our lives forward. It has given me a language to speak with the field and sharpened my intuitive mind…the sacred gift we all have forgotten how to use.  


With Love, 

Becca Nielsen